Jungsik offers a modern and unique understanding of contemporary Korean cuisine – innovative chef Yim has christened it as New Korean. The name for the restaurant, Jungsik, was a play on words. In the Korean language Jung Sik is a formal dinner and it is also the name of our chef. We invite you to come and experience the boldly flavored and whimsical culinary offerings of restaurant Jungsik.
Chef / Proprietor
Jungsik Yim

Chef Yim Jung Sik began his culinary journey during his army days. His talent was recognized by the commanding officer who made him his personal chef. The experience inspired Yim to learn to cook professionally, eventually leading him to the renowned Culinary Institute of America, where he was introduced to the intricacies of fine Western cooking. This was followed by apprenticeships at leading New York restaurants Aquavit and Bouley. In 2007, he relocated to Spain where he apprenticed at 2 star Michelin-rated Zuberoa followed by a stint at 3 star Michelin-rated Akelarre. He returned to Seoul and in February, 2009 he opened his near-eponymous restaurant Jung Sik Dang instantly wowing gourmands with his innovative take on what he termed “New Korean”. The New York Times states: “It was only a matter of time before Korean cuisine got the nouvelle treatment, and a pioneer in this growing movement is Jung Sik Dang.”

Executive Chef
Daeik Kim
Chef Daeik Kim was born in Kangwon Province in Korea, and first started cooking at Korean Culinary Arts School. He learned and experienced Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and other cuisines in variety of restaurants in Korea, went abroad to Australia to expand his culinary experience. He moved to New York to study at the Culinary Institute of America and joined Jungsik in 2018 after graduating from the CIA. He wants to make Korean cuisine more creative by using different techniques and ingredients, and spread Korean cuisine around the world and have them experience and enjoy it. He believes cooking is not restrained by borders and races, and any great food can be loved by anyone.

executive Sous Chef
Wonsuk Jeong
Chef Wonsuk Jeong was born in South Korea, and moved to Canada and experienced diverse cultures of the world. He began his culinary career in Vancouver, and moved to New York to study abroad at the Culinary Institute of America to develop his professional skills. With his strong interest in fine dining, he spent time and trained at Chef Thomas Keller’s Per Se, and later joined Jungsik to fulfill his passion for contemporary Korean cuisine. He wishes to share the exciting flavors and dishes of Korean cuisine at Jungsik.

Pastry Executive sous Chef
Eunchong Kim
Born and raised in South Korea, Chef Eunchong has had a passion for pastry and dessert her entire life. Countless fond childhood memories are linked to her love of sweets which naturally lead to her creating dishes of her own to share with family and close friends. She decided to turn it into a career after enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. This experience taught her the fundamentals and history of traditional French pastries. Upon graduation, she returned to her home in Seoul, South Korea where she began working at Jungsik Seoul. While working there, she was able to discover and embrace the complexity of fine dining desserts and pastries. In 2022, Eunchong joined the team here at Jungsik New York. Similar to her own experiences, she hopes to share the story of Korean culture and flavor through the happy memories created through her desserts.
Sous Chef
Chris Lee
Born in the States, Chris' main connection to Korea was through the food his mom cooked and his dad's love of seafood. After attending school in Korea for a short while, he would move to New York and proceed to do a crash course on the culinary industry until finally reaching Jungsik late 2020 as a line cook. Here he would rediscover this connection and come to enjoy the sometimes contradicting duality of exactness and always flowing form of fine dining. Early 2022, he was proud to join the kitchen management team and continues to relish working in one of the most storied Korean fine dining restaurants in New York and the world.
Sous Chef
Zhaojin Dai
Zhaojin Dai was born in Shanghai, China, and moved to the United States when he was 18.  After he finished culinary school at Le Corden Bleu in Los Angeles, he decided to travel around the country to work in a number of restaurants.  He joined our team as a line cook in 2020 and was promoted to Sous Chef in 2022. With a passion for fine dining and learning about other cultures culinary techniques, Jungsik quickly became an ideal new home. He’s excited to bring his unique perspective to our  “new Korean” cuisine.
Sous Chef
Andy Lee
Chef Andy Lee first fell in love with Korean cuisine when he was a child, helping his mother in the kitchen and serving family members for gatherings and festivities. This early interest eventually led him to pursue a formal culinary education at the Culinary Institute of America, where experimenting with new flavors and techniques from various cuisines became a passion. After graduation, he returned to Korea to serve his military duty as a culinary
specialist--He learned to manage a team of chefs and oversee the daily operations of the kitchen. Before his current role as a Sous Chef at Jungsik, he slowly built his way up from a line cook to innovate and elevate Jungsik’s culinary offerings. Outside of the kitchen, he enjoys exploring new restaurants and trying new dishes to keep fresh perspectives in his cooking.
General Manager
Kevin Goyenechea
wine director
Cameron Dellinger
Head bartender
Romeo Lacandola